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Experience Success


Business Success, comes with the right business partners with the right Business Decisions. At Raams , we make sure that you are happy with your investement. From proper planning and consultation from us, we ensure your success.

Financial Expertise


Share the experince with an experienced economic growth team, We at RAAMS have an experienced team  that ensures your investement security and low risks.



Our aims and goals is your growth. We ensure your investments  produces beyond your expectation. You have made the right choice. Work and Invest with us.

Tasks Capacity


Dont be Overwhelmed.  At Raams we  have the capacity to  serve you at  real time with no delays.  For rapid growth comes with capacity. We help you plan wise.

Global Investment Sectors...

Financial Planning.

Regardless of what you want to invest in, we offer financial management advice, to ensure stability and growth in your investement. Increasing your Outputs means increase in devepment.  With the right decisions makings comes the right growth-trends


Resources Mining.

Having a variety of resources from metals to oil, we put your investment on work and ensures growth and sustainabilty in the mining sector. You do not have to worry about the work force and mining hardware, you leave the worry to us.


With our enhanced communiation infrastructures, we exchange important, inventional and comprehensive data to enable you make the right-wise decisions in invetements. Join us. We are the right partner. 


From real estates, hotels, Buildings to business facilities we point out exactly where your investement needs to be placed. We offer facility-based construction advice to minimize the risks and increase profits.

Oil and gases

As a petroleum enriched country, we make sure that you invest wisely by measuring unlimited investment facts regarding your input to energy ventrures. We offer both financial and hardware advice to ensure your investment in oil and gases goes for success. 

Power and Infrastructure

We do engage in means of planning efficiency sread of your investement with ease. We offer high-modern energy investment advice in all sectors of Power and Infrastructure.



Ware a global practice that offers its clients lobbying and advisory services across all major economic sectors in the Republic of South Sudan The Republic of South Sudan is quickly emerging as a dynamic frontier market in East and Central Africa, offering a wide range of opportunities for discerning investors.In light of this, the principals behind us identified the need in the market for a firm  that would assist investors to navigate the challenges unique to the South Sudan market. The principals and professionals of RAAMS International have a clear understanding of the private and public sectors, as well as the decision making processes in both. Our Unique expertise has enabled unparalleled access to key decision makers and makes us major players in the South Sudan market.

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